Myths of alcohol dehydration

100% scientific. This article is written by Russian scientist: toxicologist Stanislav Radchenko.

Does alcohol cause dehydration to your body?


There is a common myth that the remedy of drinking a lot of water during the party or before going to bed will prevent body dehydration caused by alcohol.

In practice, alcohol does not cause dehydration, but redistribution of fluids. Generally there is enough water in the body, sometimes even too much. It accumulates in body tissues and causes swelling (suffering from).

And if you drink too much water overnight or try to protect yourself from a hangover by washing alcohol down with water, the swelling will only increase.

The main thing is that there is a lack of a certain amount of circulating blood in the body (hypovolemia). So when you are hungover in order to transfer fluid from intercellular space into vessels you can take diuretic agents (e.g. natural coffee) at the same time. It is preferable to drink mineral sparkling water. To accelerate the effect you can take one glass of cucumber or cabbage brine (do not mix it with marinade). A steam bath or shower would also do.

Our experts:

Chief expert: Stanislav Radchenko is a Russian scientist, therapist (graduated from Kazan State Medical Institute in 1989), an expert in medical cybernetics doctor (graduated as cybernetic from Russian State Medical University in 1998). He has an academic degree, a Russian equivalent of Ph.D. in medical sciences. A specialist in modeling of acute and chronic intoxications. Experienced toxicologist, who has treated hundreds of patients.

Toxicologist Olga Kalashnikova, works in reanimatology.

Narcologist Maxim Kirsanov.

Эксперт-токсиколог Станислав Радченко,  реаниматолог Ольга Калашникова, Эксперт-нарколог Максим Кирсанов