How to sober up fast?

100% scientific. This article is written by Russian scientist: toxicologist Stanislav Radchenko.

Ways to sober up in 30 minutes:

  1. induce vomiting;
  2. drink black coffee or strong tea;
  3. massage the feet and ears;
  4. rinse mouth with soda, brush your teeth, chew on peppermint or bay leaf;
  5. wash with cold water or snow, take a cold shower.

To sober up for a long time (or if alcohol is still entering the blood):

  1. enema and gastric lavage;
  2. sniff ammonia (do not drink!);
  3. take ascorbic acid (2.5 g per 70 kg of body weight);
  4. after 10-15 minutes take at least 10 ml of a 5% solution of thiamine (vitamin B1);
  5. go out in the fresh air;
  6. steam bath or sauna (if there are no problems with the heart);
  7. diuretics (veroshpiron, drink a lot of green tea, watermelon, etc.);
  8. short but intense physical activity with an increase in heart rate halfway.

Why does it work? Explanation

At first, it is necessary to determine the strategy of sobering up according to goals and objectives. The critical variable is a required duration of sobriety. Stop drinking.

The critical variable is a required duration of sobriety. Stop drinking

How to sober up for a short period of time?  

The first advice is appropriate only if it is needed to bring somebody into state of sobriety for 20 — 25 minutes and the percentage of alcohol in blood is already reducing, but not increasing.

How to find it out?

Firstly, one would understand it as perception and behavior changes.

Secondly, one could look up to time threshold of an hour and a half (Taking the beverages leading to fast drunkenness into account). Also such signs as booze breath instead of smell of spirits and repeated urination indicate the phase of alcohol elimination. In this case it is possible to restrict yourself to the methods of toning up the nervous system. These methods are: washing in cold water or rubbing with snow, cold shower or swimming in cold water, massage of feet and ear auricles, mouth cleaning (rinsing by sparkling water, tooth brushing, chewing of mint or laurel leaf.

It’s good to drink some black coffee or very strong tea. While intake of fluid, especially of sugared drinks, increases absorption of previously taken alcohol in stomach, it’s better to empty the stomach by vomiting before drinking of tea or coffee. The best results are achieved in the case of 30—38 year old man who drinks alcohol regularly not being an alcoholic and who drank soft or fast absorbing alcoholic beverages.

How to sober up for a long time?  

If it is necessary to keep a state of sobriety for more than half an hour, and also if the situation is critical and alcohol is still entering the bloodstream, it is impossible to avoid measures of reducing the alcohol absorption and speeding up elimination of alcohol from blood.

Theoretically, it is also necessary to perform depletion of intestine by no less than triple usage of enema, by a total of no less than 2 liters of room temperature water. Than additional stomach flushing should be performed by portions of no less than 5-8 liters of water. The following measures at home conditions help to increase elimination of alcohol which managed to get into blood:

  • increasing the oxygen consumption (spending time outdoors);
  • steam bath or sauna (only if you are sure that your arterial pressure is not increased and pulse is not too rapid, especially that you have no problems with your heart!);
  • diuretics. You can get diuretic effect by drinking a lot of fluid (it’s better to drink mineral water) or non-alcoholic beer. Also diuretic effect could be achieved by watermelon, marrow, strawberry, green tea, such drug as verospiron (spironolactone). In order to prevent implications do not take furosemide (lasix) with alcohol.

If you are fit, short strenuous exercises, accompanied with essential heavy sweating and rise in frequency of pulse no less than twice the initial one, could help a lot.

After GIT flushing you should:

  • sniff up ammonia solution for 1 — 2 times (at the very least — any volatile fluid with a strong smell);

  • Take ascorbic acid, better use rapidly dissolving form, in an amount of 2,5 g per 70 kg body weight;

  • after 10 — 15 minutes take no less than of 10 ml of thiamine solution 5% (vitamin B1). It is possible to drink thiamine solution for injections.

Common recommendations

While the state of drunkenness is caused by the interaction between the brain and alcohol pretty much depends on conscious brain activity. It means that in order to control the state of drunkenness and potential depression of consciousness one should use the brain with intense mental work — it’s better to find somebody who could hold a meaningful conversation with a sobering up person, who could make him solve arithmetic operations, remember some details of life, solve brain–twisters and so on.

What to do afterwards? After solving the problem the sobered man should refrain from drinking alcohol and sleep for 3-6 hours. The continuation of the party is possible on the following day after plenty of good sleep.

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