Hangover nausea cure

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What to do, if…
vomiting with a hangover do not fight the nausea, do not take remedies for nausea. On the contrary, help the body to cleanse itself: drink a liter of water and induce vomiting. It will help get rid of hangovers very quickly
throwing up bile this is a sign of an early improvement in the condition: the stomach has already cleared. If after vomiting bile three times it does not get better — call an ambulance
vomiting with blood this is not the norm. If there was only a little blood — make an appointment with a doctor to check your stomach. If there is a lot of blood — call an ambulance
vomiting right after drinking perhaps you overate or drank. Let the body get rid of the excess — and tomorrow's hangover will not be so strong
vomiting does not last long if vomiting continues for more than a day and does not bring relief — take two Cerucal tablets with a gap of 15 minutes. If the tablets do not help with nausea — call a doctor
severe vomiting pains every time with a hangover Make an appointment with a gastroenterologist, he will carry out the necessary tests and can prescribe medicines with the results

Hangover nausea cure

Do not fight with nausea and vomiting during a hangover. This is a natural (and very useful) reaction of the body to getting rid of poisonous substances: the products of the breakdown of alcohol.

If you are sick with nausea, but have not yet vomited, the best cure is to induce vomiting yourself. You will quickly feel better. To do this, drink at least one liter of water — and induce vomiting. Continue to drink and vomit until clear water comes out.

Do not take medicine for nausea. Doing so will prevent the body from getting rid of the toxic products of alcohol breakdown, your heavy hangover will last much longer, and the harm from the alcohol you drunk the day before will be significantly more.

Do not leave home until vomiting stops. Set aside your business for later. Doing something like that is a bad idea.

After the vomiting is over, you can take medication to treat a hangover: honey or lemon for early detoxification, aspirin for headaches, diuretics to relieve swelling.

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If vomiting bile after alcohol

If the stomach has already cleared and you are only vomiting bile, then this is a sign that the condition will improve soon. This can take a long time, 5–7 hours, but in this case the body does what is needed.

When bile comes along with vomiting, it means that the gallbladder has contracted (that is, the tension in the bile ducts decreased and the load on the liver decreased), the bile got into the duodenum (and the load on the pancreas decreased), the duodenum decreased the reverse peristalsis and pushed its contents into the stomach (bile reduced the pH in the lumen of the stomach and the sensitivity of the gastric mucosa), and the stomach pushed the bile through the esophagus and reduced its sensitivity. Reducing sensitivity brings relief and relieves nausea.

Typically, vomiting ends after one, two or three times of the passage of bile from the duodenum through the stomach and esophagus into the oral cavity. If this does not happen (vomiting does not stop), call for an ambulance.

Can vomiting after alcohol be dangerous?

If vomiting hurts after drinking or with a hangover, it is recommended not to go to bed: there is a danger of choking with vomiting during sleep on the back. This is how Led Zeppelin’s drummer died. It is necessary for someone to look after a drunken person and be able to turn them on their side in time.

Nausea and vomiting can be dangerous if they are a sign of a serious illness that has occurred or is aggravated against the background of alcoholic intoxication. The main thing here is to distinguish an disturbing symptom from a banal hangover syndrome.

What to do if there was blood with vomiting

If there was a little blood in the vomit — this is not the norm. After curing the hangover, it is recommended that you get an esophagogastroduodenoscopy.

If there is a significant amount of blood in the vomit — it is better not to wait and you should call an ambulance immediately.

What to do if vomiting after drinking does not pass for a long time

When vomiting after taking alcohol lasts more than 24 hours and nothing comes out except water and bile, it makes sense to take metoclopramide (Primperan, Reglan or some other brand name), washing it down with a minimal amount of water (To not immediately vomit out the pill).

If everything went well, take a second tablet 10–15 minutes later. If it does not help and vomiting continues — you should see a doctor, he can inject high-speed medications intravenously.

These same recommendations are relevant for prolonged vomiting after prolonged drinking.

If nausea and vomiting with a hangover torments you for too long every time

If nausea and vomiting with a hangover torments you for too long every time, even when you drink very little alcohol, it makes sense to consult a gastroenterologist: check the pancreas, liver, biliary tract and duodenum. You can also take a test for the zinc content in the blood: zinc is contained in the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase, which is responsible for the processing of alcohol. Therefore, a lack of zinc in the body can affect the duration of intoxication.

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