How to get rid of booze breath

100% scientific. This article is written by Russian scientist: toxicologist Stanislav Radchenko.

How to get rid of booze breath:

  1. Clear the body of alcohol and its breakdown products. The fastest way is to wash the stomach and intestines.
  2. Drink plenty of fluids (water, kvass, sour milk, lemon juice) and take diuretics.
  3. Take enterosorbents: activated carbon or others.
  4. Go to the sauna, take a contrast shower
  5. Drink juice of one lemon (diluted with water if you like)
  6. Eat some natural honey (up to 100g, small portions)
How to get rid of booze breath

Usually, recommendations for getting rid of an unpleasant smell are limited to disguising it: chewing gum, garlic, walnuts, etc. It is clear that these are temporary and very superficial measures that do not eliminate the cause of the smell.

The cause of booze breath is that alcohol is not completely processed in your body. Therefore, the only working way to neutralize odor is detoxification of the body, cleaning it from alcohol and its breakdown products. Booze breath will go away as you detoxify the body as a whole.

The most effective, though not the most pleasant and convenient procedures in this sense will be cleaning the stomach, enema and taking diuretics.

Since unprocessed alcohol and undigested food, which interferes with blood filtration, are found mainly in the intestines, the most radical way of dealing with booze breath is an enema. It sounds strange, we understand that: the smell comes out of the mouth, and the solution lies in the opposite direction. But this is a medical fact.

Unfortunately, quickly getting rid of booze breath will not work. Because it is not just bad breath. This is the smell of alcohol degradation products, which, after drinking, are present in your blood and constantly and slowly go out through the lungs (with breathing), saliva, sweat and nasal mucus. It will disappear by itself when your body is completely rid of the remnants of yesterday’s drinking. Therefore, the most sensible thing in the morning will be not to fight the smell, but speed up the cleansing of the body.

How to kill the smell of booze breath

If it is really important for you to smell even a little less terrible, then you can try to kill the booze breath. To do this, you need to eat, chew or hold in your mouth something that smells strongly. Try any of these popular methods of dealing with booze breath. For greater effect, you can apply several different tools in turn.


  • chewing gum (fruity is better, because the mixture of mint smell with booze breath can lead to an even more horrible flavor);
  • fresh or dried greens (bay leaves, mint leaves, parsley, dill, lemon balm);
  • coffee beans;

What is booze breath?

Booze breath — an unpleasant smell from the mouth, it is formed by oxidized products of alcohol processing — medium and high molecular weight volatile organic compounds. It appears about an hour and a half after the start of drinking, regardless of whether it continues to be consumed or not.

The appearance of booze breath odor instead of the smell of alcohol (or a specific beverage: vodka, beer) indicates that the processing of alcohol has entered a certain phase.

The first phase is resorption (alcohol enters the blood from the stomach and intestines). The second is elimination (alcohol comes out of the blood). If the alcoholic drink was taken in a single dose, the appearance of booze breath means that the alcohol concentration in the blood is already decreasing.

When will the booze breath happen?

How long does booze breath last? As long as your body contains alcohol and its decomposition products (acetaldehyde and others). It depends on the:

  1. Amounts drunk.
  2. The features of your body.
  3. What you drank:
    • for moonshine and whiskey it is longer, because their composition is more complicated;
    • and from high quality vodka — less.
  4. And, of course, on how well you treat it.

This can be harmful

Of course, the smell of booze breath is unpleasant to others. But besides that, in an infant, the smell of a booze breath from a drunk parent can cause motor anxiety, poor sleep, crying and regurgitation: the autonomic system in young children is very unstable.

What else besides alcohol can cause alcohol?

If the smell of booze breath in a person occurs without alcohol or continues after drinking for several weeks or even months, you should pay attention to their health.

There are a sufficient number of diseases that can lead to the appearance of a smell reminiscent of booze breath. First of all, these are ENT-diseases and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, disorders of enzyme activity. To identify these problems you should:

  • show the ENT doctor the nasopharynx;
  • be checked for parasites (lamblia, helminths);
  • do a colonoscopy (examination of the intestine with an endoscope);
  • it is useful to check the nervous system.

If a long time passes

If the smell of booze breath appeared because of drinking, but lasts too long (more than a day), then this may indicate the presence of such diseases in a person as:

  • cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder);
  • biliary dyskinesia;
  • enterocolitis (simultaneous inflammation of the large and small intestines);
  • enzymopathy (enzyme impairment);
  • intestinal dysbiosis;
  • hypothyroidism (a decrease in thyroid function).

Take the time to check out when ill, before it is too late. A blood test or ultrasound scan is done without problems and allows you to identify problems in the bud when they are still easy to fix.

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