Beer-Liquor Rule

100% scientific. This article is written by Russian scientist: toxicologist Stanislav Radchenko.

Liquor before beer, never fear? Sorry, no.

It doesn’t matter what way you mix beverages: drinking beverages with higher alcohol content after those with lower alcohol content or vice versa.

The overall view is they could complicate the function of the liver because of the varied additives and contaminates in different beverages and this does not diminish the effect of the alcohol on the system. If I want to avoid a hangover, you’d better stick with one drink for the night. If you mix, you increase your chances to have a terrible morning.

By the way there is a «proverbial wisdom» which also varies from country to country: English speakers have a saying «Liquor before beer, never fear», Russian people say «drinking wine after beer is queer» (Вино на пиво — диво).

Our experts:

Chief expert: Stanislav Radchenko is a Russian scientist, therapist (graduated from Kazan State Medical Institute in 1989), an expert in medical cybernetics doctor (graduated as cybernetic from Russian State Medical University in 1998). He has an academic degree, a Russian equivalent of Ph.D. in medical sciences. A specialist in modeling of acute and chronic intoxications. Experienced toxicologist, who has treated hundreds of patients.

Toxicologist Olga Kalashnikova, works in reanimatology.

Narcologist Maxim Kirsanov.

Эксперт-токсиколог Станислав Радченко,  реаниматолог Ольга Калашникова, Эксперт-нарколог Максим Кирсанов